The 20 Best Education Apps for K-12 Classrooms
As mobile elarning becoems increasingly popular, IT directors will need to stay up to date on the latest mobile learning tools including apps.

25 of the Best Apps for K12 Classrooms

Apps for all ages and all subjects
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These apps do everything from creating custom study guides to teaching students to tell time. There is even an app to keep teachers and students connected.
By Chrissy Winske

Mobile learning is one of the hottest trends in education. Schools are beginning to realize the power tablets and smartphones wield in the classroom. Mobile devices like the iPad, the Galaxy Tab and the Google Nexus personalize education and are revolutionizing the classroom experience through the use of apps.

As this trend continues to spread, the role of the IT department is rapidly changing. It is now the job of IT pros to assist educators in integrating mobile tools in the classroom. You’re expected to be in the know and to grasp a firm understanding of how this technology can effectively enhance education.

People often say there’s an app for everything and it’s true. The sheer number of them is intimidating. There are apps that serve as study aides, organizational tools and reference guides. Others allow for collaboration or act as a graphing calculator without the hefty cost of the traditional model.

No matter the app, the purpose is to make education a unique experience for the user. We’ve rounded up the best 25 apps for you to recommend for K-12 classrooms. The apps are helpful for both students and teachers and can be used either in or outside of the classroom. TD End Icon Final 14 px

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The 20 Best Education Apps for K-12 Classrooms

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