Christian Life Center Upgrades to $95K A/V System

The Port Orchard, Washington church upgraded its A/V system to combat poor sound quality.

Christian Life Center Upgrades to $95K A/V System
Christian Life Center in Port Orchard, Washington upgraded its AV system to combat poor sound quality and with an eye on broadcasting services on cable TV.
Christian Life Center Upgrades to $95K A/V System
Christian Life Center in Port Orchard, Washington upgraded its AV system to combat poor sound quality and with an eye on broadcasting services on cable TV.

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Christian Life Center Upgrades to $95K A/V System

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With officials from the Christian Life Center dealing with a limited budget in their quest to upgrade a decades-old A/V system, officials hired Rose Media to take on the task.

Owner and lead designer Chad Rose says that had been talking for a few years with center officials about their desire to replace a system that frequently drew complaints. The end result also included a plan for better video capabilities, so the church could bring services at the center to local cable TV.

“The room is a big rectangular box with lots of reflective surfaces,” Rose says, adding that no acoustic treatments were installed when it was first built. “Even when you don’t have the sound on and you’re just talking to someone, the room is very live, so to find a speaker system that could perform well in there was challenging.”

Tough Decisions

The limited budget led to some tough decisions in the $95,000 project, Rose says. There were no structural supports for the Tannoy speaker system Rose Media planned to install, so they were forced to go with custom-made brackets and bring in structural engineers from Polar Focus Audio Rigging to evaluate the plan.

That added cost, Rose says, meant recording decks, cameras and other components of the original plan had to be scrapped for the time being. Rose Media still needs to install a video switcher and revamp the control room, he says.

The Poulsbo, Wash.-based AV design/build firm has gone back to the CLC several times in the past few months to readjust the system’s tuning. He also helped officials find two sound experts to run the digital sound board when they realized their volunteers were trained on analog boards, not digital.

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Satisfied Customers

Even with the revised plan, church officials were quite pleased. The center serves many purposes, hosting worship services, concerts, hymn nights, evangelical community outreach efforts, such as their regular August Cruisin’ Sunday car show and food drive, local police awards ceremonies, as well as various pageants, dinners and guest speakers.

“It’s a big difference from where we came from,” says CLC media director Larry Rubio, who has been volunteering at the church for the past 25 years. “We wanted to have good sound throughout, rather than in just one section.”

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