Cisco Delivers HD to Telepresence Meetings
Cisco's Apple iPhone and iPad Show & Share app provides a mobile version of its portal for uploading, sharing and searching video content.
Enterprise Video Content features a suite of solutions, including the Show & Share iPad app and integration of video analytics.
By Tom LeBlanc


Launch of Show & Share mobile app: A version of Cisco’s content portal for Apple iPhone and iPad launched on October 30, 2011, Moretti said, allowing mobile users to search for and upload videos.

Making life easier for network managers: From Cisco press release:

Medianet software on Cisco’s network routers and switches now includes a new suite of features to accelerate troubleshooting and enable IT to provide a consistent user experience from any device.

By automating many aspects of network management, Cisco is enabling enterprises to efficiently speed video deployment, monitor and prepare for video’s impact on the network, and provide any video to any device on the network.

Three new features, Performance Monitor, Mediatrace, and IP Service-Level Agreement Video Operation (IP SLA VO), make it easier to design video-ready networks, by generating synthetic video streams so network administrators can accurately plan for video’s impact on network bandwidth. In addition, IT can now analyze the performance of video traffic over the network, track each step of video delivery “hop-by-hop” to accelerate diagnostics.

These new medianet capabilities are available now globally on Cisco’s Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 and Cisco Catalyst switches.

Dealing with Network Traffic Jams

If Cisco’s Enterprise Video Content offers are effective, they’ll increase video traffic because it will allow businesses to take their use of telepresence and other forms of HD video content to a higher level.

As part of Cisco’s Video Enterprise Content suite, it says it has addressed network load issues:

Cisco is optimizing video content distribution across the network, enabling organizations to support rapidly growing video usage from headquarters to the branch

One in three executives worry that their network is unprepared for increased video adoption across their organization.  Cisco is helping organizations manage the video load on their wide area network (WAN) through advancements to the Cisco Enterprise Content Delivery System.

The ECDS family of video distribution products, announced in June, optimizes bandwidth utilization and minimizes network impact as video travels across the network.  ECDS works together with Cisco WAAS to form a complete WAN optimization solution for video, applications and data with standalone appliance and WAAS virtual blade options.

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