Video: Come Fly with Fling
Fling with Scala
Scala's new Fling application lets users flick content from their tablet to a digital display with an easy hand gesture, then pull it back.
Scala's new application lets you throw content from a tablet to a screen, then swipe it right back.
By TechDecisions

At the 2012 Digital Signage Expo, Scala unveiled an application that lets users throw digital content from a tablet to a digital screen with the flick of a finger, then swipe it back down to their tablet with a reverse gesture. Called Fling, the company views the application as a solution that can be customized to user specifications by Scala’s services teams, according to Peter Cherna. For more information on pricing and when Fling will be released, visit

Here, watch Cherna demonstrate Fling during DSE 2012.

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