Compact Loudspeaker Demo at WFX
LSI and WFX Speaker Demo

Compact Loudspeaker Demo

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13 compact loudspeakers are demoed at the WFX expo.
By Curtis Emery

Every time I watch the first Back to the Future movie it is hard for me to not want to switch places with Marty McFly as he plugs into that massive amplifier and strums that first chord that kicks off the iconic trilogy. Other than the serious health effects, which he experiences neither in the movie or off screen, the experience of basking in that much sound seems, and probably actually is, breathtaking. While I will most likely never share in Marty’s sonic joy, I can try to recreate it as best as possible, and I will continue to try until I feel as though I have reached that precipice that separates my hearing from that unknown oblivion.

Luckily, I was able to get a taste of concentrated sound that rivals most live concerts I

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Compact Loudspeaker Demo at WFX

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