Extron Debuts LockIt HDMI Cable Bracket
Extron's LockIt HDMI cable accessory can be used to secure HDMI cables in place and help ensure connections between digital devices.
This little accessory can secure HDMI cable connections.
By Robert Archer

Whether people like it or not, the digital connectivity HDMI format is here to stay. Now, we have a better way to deal with it.

When HDMI was first introduced, many looked at the format as a means of simplifying the connections between source components and display devices. The reality of the connectivity format is that between technical glitches, including sync issues between components and the penchant for the connector to fall out of an input and output, some have grown to dislike HDMI.

Extron‘s new LockIt HDMI cable brackets can’t fix the sync issues between devices, but it does solve the problem of HDMI connectors slipping out of an input or output female connection. Extron says the LockIt accessory reduces stress on HDMI connectors and eliminates the problem of connectors falling out and loose connections disrupting the reliability of an HDMI signal.

Extron’s LockIt HDMI cable brackets can secure HDMI cable connections in both residential and commercial applications.

Click here to see a video demonstration of how the LockIt connector works.

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Robert Archer has been covering the electronics industry for more than a decade, and before his work with EH Publishing, he worked at several local Boston newspapers.

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