HK Audio Debuts Modular Elements Sound System
HK Audio's new Elements line includes everything to amps and stands, to speakers and subwoofers.
The company's latest boasts the benefits of a traditional line array in an easy-to-use compact PA system.
By Robert Archer

While it may be desirable to have a full out sound system for a venue or club, there are cost and space restrictions that limit this type of sound reinforcement implementation.

For the past several years, speaker engineers have been working on reducing the size of their audio systems without affecting their output and capacity.

The German audio manufacturer HK Audio recently rolled out its new Element line of modular sound products. The line is designed to provide the benefits of a traditional line array solution, but with the ease-of-use of a portable speaker system. The line includes the E435, a mid- and high-range unit that houses four 3.5-inch speakers in a 5.2-pound enclosure. The EA600 is a six-pound Class D amp that is rated to deliver 600 watts and can be used to power mid and high units and passive subwoofers. The E45 is a stand with expandable feet that technicians can use to support speaker enclosures. E110 SubA is a portable subwoofer with a 10-inch driver and 600-watt Class D amp.  The last product in the line is the E110 Sub, which can be powered by an E110 or an external amp unit.

The Elements system can be used for a variety of sound reinforcement applications that range from speaking engagements to rock shows.

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