Hotel IT Manager Reveals Top 3 Challenges in AV Technology Conversion
Hotel 1000 Grand Suite
Photography copyright of Hotel 1000
As expansive as an average home, the 2,000 square foot Grand Suite of the Hotel 1000 in Seattle, WA has all of the amenities of the most connected smart home and amazing views of downtown Seattle, Elliott Bay and Puget Sound. The media room is equipped with a 60-inch plasma TV.
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When it comes to understanding the AV-IT convergence challenges and solving them, Seattle-based Hotel1000’s manager of IT, Gary Fagerholm is on point.
By Julie Knudson

We asked Seattle-based Hotel1000‘s manager of IT, Gary Fagerholm, what his top challenges where when his hotel converged its A/V into its IT network. Here’s the advice he gave.

TechDecisions: What was the primary need for this project?

Gary Fagerholm: Investigate and fix various AV issues we were experiencing and upgrade outdated components to bring us more in line with today’s savvy guests and in house groups.

TD: What were your top three challenges on this project?

Fagerholm: One was getting buy-in by ownership. Convincing the individuals with the purse strings that this project will have a return on investment can be a challenge with any project. This project introduced an even greater struggle in this regard as the current system was still generating revenue stream.

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Two was all the internal investigations we had to determine all of our current trouble points and to fine tune the scope of the project so as not to fly off in a million different directions.

Three was creating a level of comfort with staff so that they are not frightened of the pending changes but rather embrace the new technology. As we all know, technology can be intimidating for some. This state of mental anguish can become amplified when you’re running

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Hotel IT Manager Reveals Top 3 Challenges in AV Technology Conversion

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