How Big is Your Title?
Joe Jackson Southern Methodist University
Joe Jackson is the AVIT Systems Team Lead, Design and Installation Coordinator in the Office of Information Technology for Southern Methodist University. And that's not all!
IT and AV technology officer, director, administrator, manager and chief cook and bottle washer. All of the above and more?
By Cindy Davis

I recently did an interview with Joe Jackson from Southern Methodist University (SMU). Being the good reporter that I am I asked for his title, and he said, “I do it all.” We got talking about the amazing SMU football locker room that he did the AV design for and I forgot to follow up and get his official position with SMU.

I emailed Jackson to ask for his title and here is his response:

“Ok….here goes
AVIT Systems Team Lead
Design and Installation Coordinator
Office of Information Technology”

Ah – not only does he do it all – it is even in his title. The truth is that Jackson does more than this grand title suggests.

So that got me to wondering what kinds of titles people had and what they actually did? We’d love to hear your what you do and what your “title” is at your organization. Please share!

Cindy Davis
TechDecisions Media

What I actually do? I will share that next.

About the author

Cindy Davis has had a passion for A/V and technology since taking apart her first transistor radio. She found it fun to write macros in DOS while at Lotus, but really loves her countless Apple products. Between 2000 and 2008 Davis was the editor-in-chief of Electronic House magazine. In 2011 she helped bring life to TechDecisions Media as editor-in-chief, and is continuing to contribute to TechDecisions as editor-at-large.

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Posted by Frank Gentile  on  03/02  at  03:35 PM
My title is: Worship Unit Director Technical Arts Church of the Resurrection UMC But I prefer "Jesus Roadie"
Posted by Trip McAlhany  on  03/15  at  12:16 PM
My title is Director of Media What I do? Well I do most of the IT work (cables, installs OS upgrades) helped repair the Exchange server. Then I do all the Audio Video and light planning for the services. I also support all the meetings at the church with AV/IT needs, as well as serving meals and pouring tea. Yes the "other duties as assigned" title fits me well.
Posted by Cindy Davis  on  03/24  at  11:01 AM
My title is editor-in-chief of TechDecisions Media. I do everything that title suggests for web-based publishing sites and: brand building, marketing, graphic design, video shooting and editing, set up trade show booths, help move furniture, buys the chocolate to keep the other editors content -- but all with a great team. At home -- well that's a different story: I am the A/V integrator and cable puller, IT manager, trainer and the 24/7 help desk. Thank God Macs are easy.
Posted by Robert Wilson  on  03/29  at  12:48 PM
My title is Executive Director of Creative Communication Technology. What I do is give oversight to all AVL systems in our facility, lead our weekend planning team, lead our graphic design team, oversite of our website and I am the main video editor for all our video production.
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