Implementing Video Content Management as a Best Practice
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Managing your video assets is critical as your content grows.
By Steve Sechrist

One important best practice element according to San Francisco-based cloud-based media management company Fordela Corp. is full‐featured video management, and going beyond just video.  Look for a comprehensive toolset that includes a scalable content management system allowing access to video with support for features like:

  • front and back‐side publishing of text and images
  • RSS Feeds
  • searchable video libraries
  • complete access control

Experts also say don’t overlook the value of detailed usage reports where behavior is tracked in detail (graphs, charts, tables) and support export to multiple formats.

Another sometimes overlooked feature is bandwidth optimization and “…unlike the past, just because bandwidth is narrow it’s not a barrier to rich media. A good enterprise network infrastructure will spread traffic loads so that individual users don’t get bogged down,” a Fordela Corp. whitepaper emphasizes.

Other video issues to consider include real‐time transcoding (data conversion among devices) that integrates cloud transcoding capability, offers support for 3D right/left source files and export to any file format including AVI, WMV, MP4 or ISMV.  This will ensure delivery to end-points like the popular mobile platforms (iOS, etc.) plus desktop, IPTV or game STBs.

It’s also important to give the user the transparency when downloading video, so device agnostic support and the ability to accommodate unlimited file sizes and types is also considered best practice in video implementation. This is even more important today particularly with the plethora of mobile platforms available today, and literally hundreds in the pipe, that include next generation tablets, iPads, convertibles and the evolving e-Book readers. No system can predict winners and losers, so device support flexibility is a must.


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