Keeping Up With Moore’s Law
Jon Mundorf and William Schulte discuss the rapidly evolving world of educational technology and the best practices for schools to keep pace.
Two educators break down the biggest challenge in education right now -- keeping pace with technology.
By Aaron Stern

Translated loosely, Moore’s Law states that technology evolves at an exponential rate that makes next year’s products smaller, cheaper, and better than the one’s you’ll be using six months from now. Schools know first hand how difficult it is to keep up with this rapid pace of technological progress, but the key is to think outside the box and to focus on what teachers and administrators can do for students.

Elementary school teacher Jon Mundorf and Instructional Technology Specialist William Schulte broke it down for us at last week’s FETC, while also enumerating the latest trends — 1:1, tablets, cloud computing, bandwidth maximization — that are defining the education revolution going on in schools right now.

Here’s what they had to say:

Posted by Maura Lincoln  on  02/25  at  03:51 PM
Great Stuff JON!!! What a SOLID QUESTION that all teachers need to answer... My initial thought is teaching empathy and service through experiences such as...SOUPER BOWL weekend...when we made 220 meat loaves for a local soup kitchen...IN SCHOOL ...we made and baked and wrapped!!!! I know technology is awesome BUT we can never loose the human connection...or can we??? Am I on the wrong page???
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