Line Array Speaker Line Up for Your Church — Updated
Line Array Speakers TechDecision Guide for House of Worship. A guide for your church sound.


18 Line Array Speakers — Updated
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A TechDecision Guide to 18 line array speakers for large churches.
By Cindy Davis

Once you have decided your house of worship can benefit from a significant purchase of a line array speaker system, there are still many considerations. Your AV consultant/integrator will be the best person to help match your performance requirements and room acoustics with the proper system.

There are hundreds of speaker manufacturers, but only a select few that produce line array speaker systems. Here are a few that have been recommended as worthy mentions.

If your favorite line array isn’t noted, please drop me a line and tell me about it so I can share it with your peers.

This article will be updated as new models are announced.

Cindy Davis,
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Line Array Speaker Line Up for Your Church — Updated

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About the author

Cindy Davis has had a passion for A/V and technology since taking apart her first transistor radio. She found it fun to write macros in DOS while at Lotus, but really loves her countless Apple products. Between 2000 and 2008 Davis was the editor-in-chief of Electronic House magazine. In 2011 she helped bring life to TechDecisions Media as editor-in-chief, and is continuing to contribute to TechDecisions as editor-at-large.

Posted by Don Eger  on  05/17  at  10:50 AM
Line Arrays are great loudspeakers but there are many other loudspeakers out there that do a great job. The thought should not be "We want a Line Array because..." but what is the best loudspeaker system for our room? This is a question that must be answered by an acoustics person who has the room modeling tools like EASE and the experience to find the best solution for the room. So just do not assume that the Line Array will solve all the problems for your room. Maybe the real solution is not the loudspeakers at all but a change to the rooms acoustics. Don
Posted by Mike Mitchell  on  05/17  at  12:33 PM
Well said Don!
Posted by Roland Lanslots  on  05/18  at  10:34 AM
What about L-Acoustics Kiva, Kilo and Kara ?!?
Posted by Allen Rumbaugh  on  05/18  at  11:10 AM
Oh yeah, and don't leave out SLS loudspeakers.....
Posted by Mark Coxon  on  05/18  at  01:26 PM
Cindy, Thanks for the round up. I know this can't be a comprehensive list but if you are a church and want to look at two newer products that are fairly cost effective. . . QSC KLA Series is a self powered line array system that was introduced last year Bose RoomMatch is a new line array product that consists of varying coverage patterns to customize the arrays to the room. @Don, YES! For a decision maker in a House of Worship space, it is ideal to work with someone who can model your room and tell you how different speakers will react as well as address any inherent issues that can only be fixed by acoustic treatments.
Posted by Diogo Pereira  on  05/18  at  05:32 PM
What about Duran Audio's Axis Intellivox range of arrays. They've been developing long column arrays with DSP controlled directivity for almost 2 decades, and their solutions, especially in highly reverberant spaces (like churches) are really impressive... check them out.
Posted by Frederick Ampel  on  05/18  at  07:00 PM
Good overall roundup BUT as Don Eger pointed out the room, the worship service type, and so forth will dictate the best loudspeaker solution. While it seems to be a Mantra. Line Arrays are NOT the answer to all needs and if improperly employed can make thing worse rather than better- distributed systems, central clusters, steered columns, and LCR systems are just a few of the options worthy of serius consideration.
Posted by Cindy Davis  on  05/19  at  08:52 AM
For those whom want to make sure the list of line arrays include "more," check back Monday to find your suggestions answered. For those whom are suggesting that line arrays are NOT the answer. Two things: I did write that, "Your AV consultant/integrator will be the best person to help match your performance requirements and room acoustics with the proper system." I firmly believe that only an A/V consultant/integrator can best understand the full impact and needs of every aspect in order to recommend the proper speaker for the situation. Line arrays may or may not be the right choice. That said, keep your comments coming. I will be putting together more speaker round ups. Have a suggestion for the next one you'd like to see? Thank you for your comments. Cindy Davis, Editor-in-chief
Posted by Enric Gusó  on  05/22  at  07:38 PM
Nexo Geo S
Posted by John Fuqua  on  05/25  at  11:40 AM
Line array is great in the right application...just like any other loudspeaker component. Clients today are being driven by advertising and what they see in larger venues to the point some feel "if it is not a line array, it will not work"...proper engineering and application principals must be applied to every opportunity. We have many more tools in our loudspeaker toolbox today and that is a good thing!
Posted by Dean  on  05/25  at  12:52 PM
I didn't see TVI Audio in the line-up. Check them out One line array speaker element from a line array system also makes a great directional sound reinforcement speaker, designed to fly, subs optional. DR
Posted by Vincent  on  06/01  at  01:43 AM
Good Comments by Don and Frederick. Cindy - You mention there are hundreds of speaker manufacturers but only a "select few" make line arrays. True, but... Next time please try to make a bit longer list. I was truly surprised to see D&B and EAW missing from your lineup. Is there is an editorial moratorium on MAP or MSRP postings? This makes it very difficult to do worthwhile comparisons. If imposed by the manufacturers, shame on them. If a policy of Worship Tech Decisions Online - please publish Worship Budget Decisions Online. While non-tech church staff might be drawn to the size and colors, I'm not sure delineating between "Heavy Duty Baltic Birch" and "Premium Baltic Birch" and "13 Ply Baltic Birch" is a decision point at this phase of comparison. This level of detail does no good when they later learn the cost per box "x" is 8 to 12 times more than the cost of box "z" in the comparison. To argue price is irrelevant until a consultant is hired and the parameters of the room and the number of cabinets required is known is illogical. I presume you believe the reader has at least some idea of what horizontal and vertical dispersion means, or there's no point to publishing those numbers, either. So, knowing it might require five of box "x" at $12,000 versus eight of box "z" at $6,000 is a very valuable bit of information. It's far more important than knowing if the inputs are phoenix connectors or NL-8s. I would suggest price is also a more important "first look" number when considering a new speaker than weight, especially when the person looking at this information is more likely keen to the budget than to the rigging and structural engineering demands of the total array mass. More for the next listing... And thank you for your hard work to bring us the information in WTDO. D&B Audiotechnic Claire Bros. Duran Audio Eastern Acoustic Works Klipsch SoundBridge TOA RCF DB Technologies K-Array Innovox TurboSound Tannoy TVi
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