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Low-cost Streaming Video Technology Available to Churches
PS-102-HDSDI Marshall Producer Station
PS-102-HDSDI 2.0 MP High Resolution Encoder Marshall Electronics Producer Station with HD-SDI.
A new way to reach parishioners who can’t attend services.
By TechDecisions

Audio products producer Marshall Electronics is partnering with StreamVu TV to bring streaming video to the worship customers. Geared toward applications with multiple locations, the solution consists of a Marshall Producer station and a connection to StreamVu TV. There is no limit to numbers of locations and viewing stations that may be served.

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The Marshall Producer Station encoder is available in three options: in standard definition with composite input (PS-11, $399), high definition HDMI input (PS-102-HDI, $999) or high definition HDSDI input (PS-102-HDSDI, $1,999), according to the company. The price point is marked lower that the $7,000 encoders currently available, the company states.

The StreamVu TV’s service costs about $0.50 per GB of data transfer. It features a pay as you play pricing plan with no minimum data usage requirements, according to Marshall Electronics.

The Producer will be on display at NAB 2012 at the Marshall Electronics booth C6419. A live stream is available at http://www.lcdracks.com.  For more information about StreamVu TV, see http://www.streamvu.com . TD End Icon Final 14 px

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