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Samsung Techwin America IP Camera
Samsung IP Camera
Samsung Techwin America says its versatile SNO-7080R is a versatile IP security camera that can be used for installations that require high resolutions in dimly lit environments.
Samsung has recently introduced a 3-megapixel network surveillance camera with an IR range of 30 meters in a completely dark environment.
By TechDecisions

Samsung’s Techwin America division is a popular manufacturer of video surveillance products. Recently, the Ridgefield Park, N.J.-based company announced its latest video surveillance camera: the SNO-7080R.

The company says its newest IP security camera provides electronics professionals with a camera that packages a lot of options at an affordable price level.

It says the SNO — 7080R is a 3-megapixel network surveillance camera with an IR range of 30 meters in a completely dark environment. The camera incorporates a 2.8 times varifocal motorized zoom lens that is capable of capturing 1920x1080p images in a 16:9 aspect ratio with wide dynamic range (WDR).

Samsung Techwin America says the product can be utilized for a variety of security situations that include its application in environments that are dimly lit.

Posted by high definition video surveillance  on  03/05  at  12:38 AM
when we talk about the different cameras Whether you prefer megapixel cameras or its subset HD based on your specific needs, the wide range of high resolution cameras today provides a powerful palette of imaging tools for industry professionals ,
Posted by ip camera  on  03/15  at  03:33 AM
An IP camera is a security camera that uses the Web to transmit images and control signals. The data is transmitted in a digital format over an Ethernet connection. One or more IP cameras are usually mounted ...if this help u send me txt back...thanks and have a nice day....smile
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