Zigen Multitasks with AX-88 8x8 Audio Matrix Switcher
Zigen Corp is a California-based company that offers a variety of A/V components, which includes its new AX-88 8x8 audio matrix switch.
The new rack-mountable component allows users to manage up to eight audio sources.
By Robert Archer

Even though it seems like video technologies grab all the headlines, audio is just as important.

The California-based manufacturer Zigen Corp. has just recently introduced its AX-88 8x8 audio matrix switch to ensure audio signals receive the same attention as video.

The AX-88 can be set up in a variety of ways that include one-to-one and one-to-multiple configurations. Zigen incorporates control options such as volume, treble and bass with options for independent adjustments, built-in fire alarm shut-off input terminals and options for IR, RS-232 serial and Ethernet control.

The AX-88 can be used for just about any A/V system that has as many as eight audio sources.

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