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Fellowship Church Gets Technology Driven
House of Worship Paper

In an uncertain world where tragedy dominates the news, more people than ever are turning toward their faith and the church. The question is: How do these houses of worship continue to attract new members and keep them in the pews, where they can absorb the message and feel compelled to donate their dollars? The answer: By delivering a multimedia ministry through seamless AMX technology.

Beyond the common elements of audio, video and lighting, you and other church leaders will want to remain within a specific budget, while having continuous input in relation to the overall design of the technology.

At the Fellowship Church, a guest kiosk, located in the center of the Worship Center, greets you with colorful images and information about events and points of interest for parents, teens, children and singles. Continuous updates to graphics, text and sounds are made using a full-color AMX 5.5” Touch Panel sitting behind the kiosk’s counter.

It communicates directly with a hidden equipment rack, located in underneath cabinet, which houses two VCRs, two DVDs, eight PCs and an AMX Axcent3 Pro Controller. The touch of a button can instantly import special graphic images on any of the eight mounted 42” plasmas, which are even capable of switching to cameras inside the main auditorium to show a live service.

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