7 Tips To Effectively Use Social Media In Your Worship Space
By Lauren Campbell · September 9, 2015 • Aside from Twitter and Facebook, there is a whole world of social media that your worship space should partake in. From blogs to Instagram, your opportunities are endless in reaching not only your worship community, but beyond.

Inside Digital Signage Strategies in Worship
By Lauren Campbell · September 8, 2015 • In 1948, Chapelwood United Methodist Church had just 19 members that were committed to going to weekly services. Fast forward to today, the church plays host to over 5,000 members. Even with a large number like that, it still consider itself to be a neighborhood friendly church. Its facility includes a large sanctuary, chapel, fellowship hall and even a library.

Highpointe Church Rebounds with Fulcrum Acoustic
By TD Staff · September 8, 2015 • After months of assessing the damage from a lightning strike and dealing with insurance, Enginuity was approved to outfit the Highpointe Church’s next-door youth center so the congregation could worship there while the main building was being repaired.

Dallas Church’s Aquarium Featured on National TV Show
By TD Staff · September 2, 2015 • 75,000-gallon aquarium at Inspiring Body of Christ Church showcased on episode of “Tanked”.

Idlewild Baptist Church Resurrects Abandoned House of Worship With HARMAN Professional Audio System
By TD Staff · August 31, 2015 • Idlewild Baptist Church is one of the country’s 50 largest churches, located in the Tampa, Fl. region with ministries that serve its parishioners who range all the way from preschool to seniors.

Danley Sound Labs Moves First Baptist Church Claremore
By TD Staff · August 24, 2015 • The system Barton designed uses four Danley SH-60 full-range boxes in a tight-pack cluster above the front of the stage with a Danley TH-412 subwoofer behind it. The room is a broad fan shape, and the SH-60 cluster provides that broad coverage. Like a single pebble dropped in still water, it does so without introducing interference.

Company Spotlight: Vectorworks
By Lauren Campbell · August 19, 2015 • Vector works not only caters to the needs of large worship facilities, but also caters to the lighting, sound and AV staff.

Tempest Launches World’s Quietest And Most Elegant Projector Enclosures
By TD Staff · August 17, 2015 • Tempest has introduced the attractively-designed LIZA, a breakthrough in noise attenuating enclosures capable of reducing mid-range projector noise to world-beating levels as low as, and beyond, 1dB.

Danley Plug-and-Play Speaker and Sub Easily Converts Standard Gyms Into Contemporary Worship Spaces
By TD Staff · August 17, 2015 • As excitement and attendance grew, First United called on veteran praise band guitarist and sound system design guru Scott Oliver, owner of Centerline Audio Visual, to replace the temporary sound reinforcement system it had been using with a permanent system.

Church on the Move Shines, Enhances With Hitachi and Renewed Vision
By Lauren Campbell · August 14, 2015 • In Tulsa, OK, Church on the Move wanted to engage the younger generation of congregants by relying on video production in order to create more dynamic and engaging services. To do this, they called upon Hitachi and after they did an on-site demo, the project team knew they found their match.

Eiki Projectors Contribute to Vibrant Services at Miami Vineyard Community Church
By TD Staff · August 14, 2015 • As a nondenominational house of worship with a contemporary vibe, Miami Vineyard Community Church is neighborhood focused and offers its congregation a wide range of programs.

Roland Introduces Compact M-5000C Live Mixing Console
By TD Staff · August 12, 2015 • Roland’s Professional A/V division announces the M-5000C Live Mixing Console. The M-5000C is the newest addition to the growing line of O.H.R.C.A.-based consoles from Roland that provide powerful features at an affordable price point.

Look What’s Happening at WFX This Year – A Preview
By TD Staff · August 11, 2015 • WFX 2015 reflects the tone and culture of Nashville as it focuses on the current and future needs of churches from across the country.

Martin Audio MLA System Solves Problems At Calvary Church
By TD Staff · August 11, 2015 • Clark, a full-service design, engineering and integration firm specializing in Houses of Worship, recently deployed a Martin Audio sound system based on MLA arrays as part of an audio upgrade to solve late reflection problems on stage and ensure consistent coverage in the huge 5,000-seat sanctuary of the Calvary Church in Charlotte, NC.

Top 10 Pieces of Video Equipment You Need for Your Worship Space
By Lauren Campbell · August 5, 2015 • Video for your place of worship goes beyond cameras. You will need siwtchers, lights, mixers and more. Worship TechDecisions goes over just what you need in order to prepare your ministry for video.

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