Willow Creek Community Church Simplifies Audio Routing with Dante Media Networking
By TD Staff · July 31, 2015 • Audinate’s industry leading networking solution Dante helped Willow Creek Community Church, a Chicago metro area house of worship solve the problem of distributing high-quality audio to close to 20,000 congregants each week.

Two California Churches Rely on Hitachi, Panasonic to Deliver Their Message
By Lauren Campbell · July 29, 2015 • In the sunny state of California, two worship spaces knew they needed to enhance the worship experience with the use of high-quality projectors during their service. From displaying important messages to hymnals, the projectors have brightened the service and made the congregants feel more connected and involved.

Calvary Chapel Upgrades Access Control with Viscount Enterprise Freedom Access Control System
By TD Staff · July 28, 2015 • Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale is an evangelical mega-church with more than 25,000 worshipers and nine regional campus locations across Florida that was founded in 1985. The main campus itself spans a 75-acre area with five buildings including Calvary Christian Academy, a pre-K to 12th grade school that serves 2,000 students.

7 Push Notifications That Will Increase Church Attendance
By Adam Weber · July 27, 2015 • Considering a whopping 91 percent of smartphone owners are rarely an arm’s length away from their phones, push messages have a unique ability to communicate with users without being gated by an inbox or screened by a phone number.

Colorado College Chapel Installation Sums Up Tectonic DML Loudspeaker Advantages
By TD Staff · July 22, 2015 • Colorado Springs, CO based AV company Sight + Sound Technologies recently installed a five-panel PL-11 Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) system in Shove Memorial Chapel at Colorado College.

Grace Community Church Upgrades Worship Experience With Hitachi Projector
By Lauren Campbell · July 21, 2015 • Grace Community Church needed an upgrade to their projector system. The standard 2,500 lumen they had been using was starting to lose its life, making images dull and hard to see for the congregants in attendance.

CHAUVET Professional Enhances Contemporary Theme At First Pentecostal Holiness Church
By TD Staff · July 20, 2015 • Established by A.B. Crumpler in 1898 the First Pentecostal Holiness Church was the first house of worship to carry the Pentecostal Holiness name, which is why it’s regarded as the “mother church” of the IPHC denomination.

CAD Ships New CADLive High Performance Mics
By TD Staff · July 16, 2015 • Building on the popularity of the first CADLIve offering, CAD is now shipping the second series of high performance microphones spearheaded by the D89 dynamic instrument and D90 vocal mics.

Tips for Making Your House of Worship Better Equipped for Emergencies
By TD Staff · July 16, 2015 • Many worship leaders, especially those who look over smaller churches, probably don’t put too much thought into equipping their grounds with security equipment. It has been proven that churches are often targeted, whether big or small. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late to make sure you have your sanctuary protected. Not only will it protect any equipment you have inside, it will protect your congregants and it will make them feel safer entering your facility. It is never a bad thing to be over-prepared, especially when it comes to your place of worship – a place where you and your congregants should feel safe. In this guide, statistics are covered on how often an incident occurs and when and where it occurs, as well as security professional Paul Boucherle giving real-life tips and examples from his own experience in dealing with houses of worship.

Is a Projector the Right Fit for Your Worship Space?
By TD Staff · July 16, 2015 • Many worship facilities may not understand the full benefits of what a projector can do for their services. Whether they are a contemporary space with a smaller service or a bigger church that hosts hundreds of people, a projector may bring more life to your services in ways a worship leader may not have known about.

University Christian Church Selects WorxAudio
By TD Staff · July 13, 2015 • As a nondenominational Christian church, University Christian Church offers its congregation a variety of ministries, including Bible school, home fellowship and children’s’ and junior and senior high school groups.

Martin Audio Makes CDD Loudspeaker Management System & EASE Data Available
By TD Staff · July 10, 2015 • Delivering EQ, crossover, processing and system protection, the DX0.5 2x6 speaker processor provides complete optimization for both passive and powered loudspeaker systems.

Peavey Electronics Introduces All-New Dark Matter Speaker Enclosures
By TD Staff · July 10, 2015 • From the company that invented the working man's speaker enclosure comes the next evolution in digitally processed powered speaker enclosures.

Simple Steps to a Greener Worship Community
By Lauren Campbell · July 10, 2015 • In order to make your worship facility more environmentally friendly, you will have to make some changes. Whether it’s using less water or getting solar panels installed, having a better-suited sanctuary for the environment will help lower your bills and it will help better serve your community.

DiGiGrid Is Now Shipping the DiGiGrid IOC Audio Interface
By TD Staff · July 10, 2015 • The DiGiGrid IOC SoundGrid audio interface gives you the flexible I/O you need in your control room is ready to integrate with the rest of your studio gear. The DiGiGrid IOC audio interface is the perfect way to connect to your SoundGrid DSP network from your control room.

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