A Paradigm Shift in Organizational Leadership: 4 Keys to Development
By Benjamin Stewart · February 5, 2016 • Traditional approaches to employee retention no longer lead to management success. How and why church leaders can grow their programs by putting people first.

Better Than Broadway: Six Service Planning Tips
By Luke McElroy · February 4, 2016 • Have your services become too cut and dry, trying to fill holes because they’ve always been there?

In The Market for a Lighting Console?: 10 Models for Churches to Consider
By Andres Caamano · February 3, 2016 • While the cost of an inexpensive console might be where one might initially gravitate, it’s best to recognize each unit’s mix of pros and cons.

Interactive SuperBowlFEI.com Shopping Game Worth A Glimpse
By TD Staff · February 3, 2016 • Americans will spend nearly $15 billion Super Bowl week, with faith driven consumers now having access to transparent scores that offer guidance on which brands they should choose.

6 Essential Priorities to Empower Tech Leaders
By David Erlandon · February 2, 2016 • With so many production responsibilities, how can technology directors get it all done without working 60 hours or more each week?

Duke DeJong: Don’t Be a Hero
By Duke DeJong · February 1, 2016 • Your church and the people you serve need you to pull off great things, but more importantly they need you and your leadership for the long haul.

Choosing the Right Audio Console
By Tony Staires · January 28, 2016 • Granger Community Church's production audio coordinator discusses how an audio console plays a major role in what you do on the weekends, so making a change shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Nathan Williams: Mixing For the Masses
By Nathan Williams · January 28, 2016 • The technical director at Victory World Church in Atlanta writes about the need to listen to various styles of music to help in mixing tracks that you may not normally listen to or mix for.

Best Practices for Equipment Use: EQ and Compression
By Kirk Denson · January 27, 2016 • A competent audio technician or engineer must have a firm understanding of how Equalization and Compression affect the audio signal and how to manipulate both.

Central Baptist Lights Way With Chauvet to Contemporary Worship Environment
By Andres Caamano · January 27, 2016 • Update at Conway, Ark. church rooted toward better connecting with growing congregation.

Out With the PA, In With the Line Array
By Andres Caamano · January 26, 2016 • Family Church Downtown in Florida undergoes full AVL retrofit with L-Acoustics system.

Get Your Tech Budget Approved
By Luke Vettel · January 25, 2016 • When evaluating your technical and tech staffing needs, look ahead so you steward the present as well as the future.

Chauvet Professional Rolls Out ‘Church Tech Talk’ Series With Persinger
By TD Staff · January 22, 2016 • Each of the videos offers an informed overview about some of the key issues involved in church lighting since the advent of LED technology.

Victory achieved for Alberta church with d&b Y-Series
By Andres Caamano · January 22, 2016 • '...before we had almost weekly complaints with the sound – to now where we now have had zero complaints.'

New Tech Guy or Tech Gear: Who’s the real VIP?
By Gregory Kayne · January 21, 2016 • So the next time you get a new piece of gear, you may want to take stock of all of your team members – old and new.

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