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Worship Facilities Technology Awards: Video
Entrants in the video category of the Worship Facilities New Product Technology Awards, the most comprehensive audio, video, lighting and new media product awards in the house of worship market.

Worship Facilities Technology Awards: Lighting
Entrants in the lighting category of the Worship Facilities New Product Technology Awards, the most comprehensive audio, video, lighting and new media product awards in the house of worship market.

Worship Facilities Technology Awards: Media & Communication
The Worship Facilities New Product Technology Awards is the most comprehensive audio, video, lighting and new media product awards in the house of worship market. These products are regocnized for their innovation and application for churches of all sizes and styles.

Featured Product: Seraphim Software
Seraphim is designed to maximize your outreach and create intimacy between members, regular attenders and guests. Sharing between the ministry leadership team, church congregation and visitors becomes not just easy, but exciting, rewarding and valuable. Seraphim's focus on easy reporting, spectacular dashboards and powerful analytics set it apart from the rest of the crowd.

Featured Product: Yamaha QL Digital Audio Console Series
The Yamaha QL Series inherits CL features such as all-in-one mixing, processing, and routing capability for small to medium scale live tour sound, house of worship installations, corporate A/V, and speech applications. As with the CL Series, the Yamaha QL Series includes circuitry and components that have been designed and selected with the utmost care, achieving outstanding audio purity from input to output.

Featured Product: Elation DW Profile LED Fixture
Ideal when variable white light is required from warm tungsten to cool daylight, zoom and beam framing combine with gobo projection to make the DW Profile a highly versatile luminaire. With 8,400 lumens of output at max power consumption of 300W (100,000 hour LED life rating), it's also highly efficient.

Light Design Accentuates Contemporary and Traditional Worship
Cokesbury United Methodist Church, Knoxville, TN, installed Chauvet Professional and Chauvet DJ LED fixtures to enhance their worship services, which serve 3,500 attendees each weekend. As a mainline denomination that is also a multi-site megachurch, Cokesbury UMC offers both traditional and contemporary style services.

Coeur d’Alene Church of the Nazarene Elevates Its Sound System
Coeur d'Alene Church of the Nazarene, Idaho, upgrades an outdated sound system with HARMAN's JBL loudpeakers and Soundcraft Digital Consoles.

What’s New for Worship in 2014?
If you're not singing out of hymnals, you're reading lyrics off a screen. There are all sorts of tech products to make your worship projection run right--here are the best of this year's new products.

3 Pro Audio Apps for Measuring Impulse Response
Impulse response refers to the way a dynamic system reacts to an external change. In the context of sound, this refers to how the system reacts to any signal input. Just as white and pink noise test the range and sound of your sound system, impulse response physically maps how the signal being sent through the system exists as a function of time. With mobile apps, finding the right impulse response app can be tasking. Specifically, the convenience of all-in-one audio toolboxes from developers like Studio Six Digital, offer comparable features and tools to measure impulse response, but often require in-app purchases or force customers to dig through features and settings to find the most efficient way to display the data.

TechDecisions Guide to 20 Digital Signage Content Management Systems
There are a whole host of digital signage content management systems. Many are sold along with hardware, so are cloud-based software-only applications, still others are standalone local solutions. There is a DS CMS just write for you. This guide showcases the leading products in the field and explains what you should know before making your choice -- and your investment. Companies covers are AMX, BrightSign, Cisco, Dynasign, Fourwinds, LG EZsign, LG Electronics, NEC, NEC Vukunet, Planar, Rise Vision, Scala, Sony, Prodokol, Symon, Tightrope, Visix and X2O Media.

In The Pulpit, Behind Bars, It All Has to Sound Good
Lots of itinerant preachers and start-up churches face the same issues that Conviction for Christ Ministry founder Eddie Baird does every week: Put together a traveling audio rig that will allow them to hold church services in a variety of locations and be dependable and predictable, as well as roadworthy and a lightweight as possible.

New for 2014: Pro Audio Mobile Interfaces from NAMM and Beyond
With new opportunities to opt for mobile devices over desktop consoles, pro sound manufacturers are also focusing on bringing their live sound products up to grade with complete USB functionality. Featuring gain control and phantom power, the newest USB compatible mics are developed to perform at the same level as normal live sound or studio mics. With this in mind, owning and using a completely mobile live sound set-up is no longer irrational, but a viable option for controlled, efficient and quick live sound set up and management.

5 Professional Podcast Production Apps for Live Audio Content
Podcast production apps are a great way to stay on top of your regular content. Functioning as live production apps, these mobile utilities give you to tools you need to define the quality of your content and add the effects that color your content in the way that is suitable to your needs. Podcasts, like live video streaming, are regular audio commentary on any issue that is relevant to you. These apps are ideal for capturing lectures, sermons, niche-criticisms as well as event centered coverage and reflection, to name just a few, on your Android or iOS device. Podcasts are great options for sharing content regardless of your market. Specifically, since streaming content from mobile devices or specified apps is rapidly a new way to consume content, providing podcasts over regular written blurbs or short video content is a competitive option for the important things you publish.

TechDecisions Guide to 28 Short-throw and Ultra-short-throw Projectors
The flexibility of projectors is growing rapidly. Wherever your space, there is a projector to fit. Short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors are perfect options for small or short spaces. They also solve some time-honored negative aspects of projection buy solving instances of shadow and glare. In addition, see the specs for 24 short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors. Get the details on projectors from Asus, BenQ, Casio, Dell, Epson, Dukane, Infocus, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optima, Ricoh, Sharp, Sony, ViewSonic

Many churches face acoustical challenges in both their worship spaces and office environments. Learn about what you should consider when audio and voice projection mingle with privacy and productive communication in your house of worship.