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5 Apps for iOS and Android to Help You Be More Energy Efficient this Winter
From a vampire power calculator to knowing how much energy your A/V devices consume. These iOS and Android apps will help you save money.

Experience Church Uses Its Own Tech Expo to Evangelize Technology
Small to mid-sized churches are often at a disadvantage when it comes to audio and video. They tend to lack to operational resources, relying heavily on volunteers led by part-time supervisors who themselves may have only minimal knowledge and capabilities when it comes to A/V technology. A show devoted to them is just what they need.

TechDecisions Guide to 6 Game Changing, Affordable Multi-format Video Switchers
This guide shows a selection of affordable multi-format video switchers with universal input capability and flexibility needed to handle just about every conceivable format, and also produce outputs to meet almost any display or projection device’s requirements, has become available for well under $10,000. In fact Roland's V40HD lists for $4,495. Each will help you make showing any presentation format possible and at a very low cost compared to even last year.

9 Emergency Preparedness, Alert and Recovery Apps for iOS and Android
This collection of emergency apps highlights the true capability of technology in the face of nature's toughest scenes. From first aid apps to radar scanners and disaster-specific apps, this collection provides some of the best resources for disaster preparedness and monitoring from trusted emergency organizations. Check out apps from The American Red Cross, FEMA, Base Velocity LLC. and ME911 for your Android or iOS smart device.

First Reformed Church’s Upgrade Strategy Paves the Way for Excellent Sound
Replacing two consoles at the same time and using the same brands eases the learning curve of volunteers and saves money.

8 Audio Modulation and Music Creation Apps for Android and iOS
Audio modulation apps can be considered the next tier of music creation apps. From programable sequencers to vocoder apps, the world of audio modulation is the base from which effect presets and pre-made loops is built. Having control of sound in a creatively focused way is essential for getting the most out of your mobile device as an instrument. Check out apps from developers like Jonathan Mackenzie, Skrivarna Software, Square B, LLC, Alexander Zolotov, VirSyn, Niko Twenty, Alexandernaut and Holderness Media Inc for Android and iOS.

2014 TechDecisions Guide to 28 Pico Projectors
2014 product guide to 28 pico projectors. Under 1,000 lumens, but these ultra portable projectors go where you need them and can project a surprisingly large image. Pico projectors are super useful for smaller-sized environments, impromptu meetings and for traveling. There are a multitude of products out there so your choice really depends on your application.

Small Church, Big Holiday Show
Starting small when building a control system for A/V/L for a holiday pageant is the way to go, says A/V specialists for GraceWay Bible Church. Add to the show by adding support technology over time and you will see your pageant prosper and dazzle.

Smart Mobile: 6 Network Monitoring and Access Apps for Android and iOS
The best network monitoring and access apps. These iOS and Android mobile apps cover a range of functions: monitoring and testing networks, file access and management throughout a network and Wi-Fi connection and congestion troubleshooting. Bolster your mobile IT toolbelt with these professional and secure network monitoring and access apps for your smart device. Check out apps from developers like Lysesoft, Metago, Kenny Root and Jeffrey Sharkey, Farpoc, Techet and Comcsoft for Android and iOS.

5 Pro Router Control Apps for Protecting Your Network During the Holidays
Hosting the relatives or friends for a Holiday get together can be a trying experience, worrying whether your home network is secure and able to handle increased mobile activity should not get in the way of your plans. Router management and WiFi access apps offer you the tools you need to manage your network anywhere in your house. Router management apps let you control essential router settings like guest access, parental controls and VPN labels, making sure your network is accessible as you see fit. These apps detail your router to help you see hosts, devices on network, VPN range as well as manage how your device connects to the network.

First Billion Dollar Online Shopping Day and Still Going: Your Company’s Holiday Gift List for 2013
Cyber Monday lives on throughout the holiday season. With discounts on computer hardware sales the second highest maybe your company can benefit from making 2014 purchases now.

2014 TechDecisions Guide to Over 45 Mid-sized Projectors for Meeting Rooms
Mid-sized projectors are the workhorses of the presentation market. Their versatility makes them the go to devices for nearly every organization for meeting rooms and classrooms. This guide instructs you on how to chose the best model for your needs by providing a step-by-step decision-tree.

4 Pro Audio Apps for Pin Point EQ Control for iOS
EQ control apps let you manage bands of equalization subtly without adding distortion. Like a physical graphic equalizer, these apps allow you to pin-point the exact bands you want to edit, giving you the tools you need to get your audio content to sound the way you want. Great EQ control apps work side by side with your audio player of choice, making sure that you do not need to re-upload or transfer your data to another player. Other than DRM protected content or Internet radio, these apps can handle most file formats like FLAC, which offer inherently great audio quality.

HP Compaq Elite 8300 All-In-One PC Review
Not at all a stranger to the AIO market, HP has introduced its Compaq Elite 8300 AIO system.

4 Churches Shine Their Light With Massive A/V/L Installs
Two thousands years ago messages where shared via mountaintop. Fast forward to the advent of electricity and computers, churches look to A/V/L systems to spread the word. Whether houses of worship are setting the ambiance for Christmas or Easter, or preparing for a regular Sunday gathering, speech intelligibility and a unique visual experience breeds an engaging service and aids in bringing about a more effective presentation of the church's message.

VAST Technologies equips massive worship center with 100 Elation Pro Video Series LED displays.