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Coeur d’Alene Church of the Nazarene Elevates Its Sound System
Coeur d'Alene Church of the Nazarene, Idaho, upgrades an outdated sound system with HARMAN's JBL loudpeakers and Soundcraft Digital Consoles.

Powerful Sound for a Powerful Message
Christ Chapel Bible Church chooses L-Acoustics line array speakers for its sanctuary sound system.

Audio System Upgrade at St. Madeleine Sophie Church
Modern architecture made for a difficult acoustic space...but St. Madeleine Sophie Church found a solution.

First Redeemer Church Cleans Up Its Sound
Jeff Baggett came to First Redeemer Church, in Cumming, Georgia in 2010 as their director of audio after a long career as a music-mastering engineer in a Nashville suburb. What he found was a kind of techno-archeology: remnants of different hands cobbling together the sound systems in the sanctuary, gym and ballroom areas of the campus, a pastiche of pieces of equipment that were popular at one time or another and reflected the taste of whomever was in charge of the sound at a given time. See how he went from

Tips on How to Get the Best Sound Quality for Your Church Christmas Productions
Tips from a broadcast audio engineer turn microphone challenges into solutions for your church Christmas pageant.

4 Churches Shine Their Light With Massive A/V/L Installs
Two thousands years ago messages where shared via mountaintop. Fast forward to the advent of electricity and computers, churches look to A/V/L systems to spread the word. Whether houses of worship are setting the ambiance for Christmas or Easter, or preparing for a regular Sunday gathering, speech intelligibility and a unique visual experience breeds an engaging service and aids in bringing about a more effective presentation of the church's message.

Community Introduces the DP8 Pendant Loudspeaker to its Distributed Design Series
Community Professional Loudspeakers has expanded its Distributed Design Series of ceiling, surface mount and pendant loudspeakers with the new DP8 Pendant. Available in paintable white or black, the DP8 is a high-performance, 8-inch coaxial loudspeaker that provides highly-intelligible voice and musical sound quality for restaurants, lounges, hotels, ballrooms, meeting rooms, retail and commercial establishments, and casinos, hotels and convention centers. With its weather-resistant enclosure, grille and components, the DP8 may also be used outdoors in covered locations.

The Audio, Video and Lighting Gear Used in 10 Awe-inspiring Church Installations
From line arrays to transducers mounted in bass-reflex enclosures to 30,000 lumen HD projectors and enormous screens, wash fixtures and ellipsoidal spotlights, HD cameras, digital consoles and advanced sound reinforcement this line up of ten amazing church audio, video and lighting installations are sure to inspire you.

Trial by Sound: Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church Demos Loudspeakers With an Audio Shoot Out
The notion of the technology shoot-out is deeply ingrained in audio culture. Retailers routinely set up rows of microphones or monitor speakers and let guests/customers/audiophiles compare one to one. But the idea of the shoot-out really has its limits tested when it’s applied to PA systems. When you need to truck multiple complex systems in, set them up and fire them up, you’ll need more than an afternoon and some onion dip to make that work.

Worship TechDecisions Guide to 30 Full-sized Line Arrays for 2013
New Full-sized Line Arrays 2013: If you are considering installing a full size line array speaker system, before you make any final decisions please carefully consider this information and review the accompanying slideshow for the many options available. Additionally you should seriously take into account the numerous variations in both size and configurations offered. (More information on these related products can be found in the following roundups previously published on the TechDecisions websites.)

TechDecisions Guide to 25 Smart Speaker Systems
Smart speakers arose when loudspeakers, amplifiers, signal processors were all combined to make systems. They are designed to control and manage the technology to increase the speaker's performance.

Pro Audio Helpline: The Best Sites for Gear and Installation Tips
In the Information Age, knowledge is everything. But where do you find everything you need to know? It turns out there’s plenty of knowledge out there for the taking, from a plethora of online pro audio and musical instrument sources that may not get you a sheepskin in the subjects but do offer a vast array of useful information on tap 24/7 that house of worship audio systems professionals and volunteers alike will find useful. Here are some of the best.

Epikos Church Rejuvenates a Theatrical Gem
Following an extensive $2 million renovation that spared it from the wrecking ball, the theater has now been given a new lease on life as the West campus to Milwaukee’s expanding Epikos church. Originally built in 1929, the landmark 1,100-seat theater located at the city’s bustling Six Points intersection of Greenfield and National Avenues has served as a performing arts theater, a hub for local vaudeville, a cinema house and a worship facility for other church groups. However, in recent years the Paradise had become vacant, falling into such disrepair that the city’s building inspectors declared that it must either be repaired or demolished.

Eight Years Later: One Louisiana Church’s A/V Still Deals with Hurricane Katrina
Eight years later, much of that physical infrastructure has been reallocated, with offices and Sunday school moved to different parts of the H-shaped main building and the church itself moved back into its original location inside the structure. But the actual rebuilding is still underway, slowly, hampered by lack of funds and seemingly endless bureaucratic speed bumps. After Hurricane Sandy hit the U.S. east coast, Butch Levy, the multimedia coordinator for the First United, says his experience with Katrina could serve as a guide for other churches that may someday find themselves in the path of a major natural disaster.

VUE Audiotechnik Announces New al-8 Compact Line Array System
Shipping this fall, the al-8 joins the al-4 Subcompact Line Array System, making the al-8 the second in VUE’s al-Class. The al-8 features beryllium compression drivers, Kevlar/Neodynium transducers, onboard networking and full compatibility with VUEPoint beam-steering technology.

VAST Technologies equips massive worship center with 100 Elation Pro Video Series LED displays.