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Champion Forest Church Trains Volunteers to Run Powerhouse A/V Systems
Champion Forest Church has 10,000 parishioners and 26 A/V people. Twenty of those people are volunteers. The church had a $4.1 million A/V upgrade and needed to spend some time training people on the new systems. After this experience, Chris Todd, the church’s pastor of Media and Technology provides training tips.

Getting Networked In Church
Churches are looking to network their buildings as audio and video bring more worshipers into the building. But there is a learning curve on a very tough subject, so they are taking things slow. Audio is the most common networked data now, with VoIP gaining ground. But looking at running music and video over the network is a whole new world for the A/V specialist in the worship sphere.

Pro Audio Helpline: The Best Sites for Gear and Installation Tips
In the Information Age, knowledge is everything. But where do you find everything you need to know? It turns out there’s plenty of knowledge out there for the taking, from a plethora of online pro audio and musical instrument sources that may not get you a sheepskin in the subjects but do offer a vast array of useful information on tap 24/7 that house of worship audio systems professionals and volunteers alike will find useful. Here are some of the best.

InfoComm Roundup — Five Audio Product Trends To Watch
Dan Daley takes us through the aisles of InfoComm and identifies the latest audio trends. These trends include touch screens, portable sound, wireless and more. Products that caught his eye includes those made by Alto Professional, Avid, DiGiCo, K-array, Martin Audio, Peavey, Presonus and Sennheiser.

Extron Ships Fiber-Optic RS-232 Inserter
The FOX RS 104 is designed for long-haul transmission of control signals.

Trinity Assembly of God’s Triage Process for an A/V Systems Upgrade
The Trinity Assembly of God was founded in 1979 and its A/V department is struggling with very old legacy equipment that was installed in 1992. Learn how the church is moving forward incrementally. New products from Sanyo, QSC, DiGiCo and Community are slowly taking the stage.

Power Over HDBaseT: What Is It, Why Use It?
Simplify A/V installations with Power Over HDBaseT. Two obvious benefits of providing power via network cabling are convenience and cost. Like PoE, POH means that the location doesn't need to have a power outlet nearby, or go to the cost and effort of bringing in a union electrician in order to do AC wiring. It's also much easier to centrally control devices and you can remotely power down devices to save energy or to blank the display during system maintenance. Learn more about this standard.

Essentials of A/V Design
The Essentials of A/V Design are more than just a schedule on a piece of paper. That is important, but planning the room, planning the products, planning the installation and planning the maintenance are all part of a successful A/V system installation.

Explaining A/V and IT Convergence Today
How AV and IT convergence takes A/V to the network.

TechDecisions Guide to 36 Digital Matrix Switchers
Digital matrix switchers are the latest technology for routing HDMI, DVI and other video signals to a wide variety of devices. This guide discusses what you need to know about them and present 36 models for your evaluation.

For Digital Signage, the Open Pluggable Specification Simplifies Installation
The Open Pluggable Specification is the technology used to make digital signage displays compatible with supporting equipment such as media players. This specification was invented by Intel and is now widely available. Companies such as NEC, Samsung and many more are shipping compatible products.

Understanding the Basics — Surveillance and Surveillance Cameras
Simple surveillance isn’t enough to help law enforcement. You need to have powerful enough equipment to gather surveillance data that is useful to them. However, today’s products are very capable and priced within reach.

Coping with A/V Installation Project Management
Managing your A/V project, whether an upgrade or a new installation, means you have to know exactly who is performing what task and when. A clear schedule and knowledge of what people will do during the project is key to a smooth installation.

Transforming Your Church to HD Video
With just its in-house staff, the Cove Church transitioned to HD video without any downtime. They use a Broadcast Pix Granite 5000 2 M/E Video Control Center to produce image magnification (I-MAG) for its main location during services, as well as simultaneously stream its services live on the Web and share the live video feed with the church’s three campuses.

Sony Brings a Digital Signage Hardware/Software Package to Small to Medium Sized Organizations
Sony’s Simple Signage Solutions offers users a choice of seven displays of various sizes, a Hyper Media Player containing user-friendly templates and management software and the required connecting cable.

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