Out With the PA, In With the Line Array
By Andres Caamano · January 26, 2016 • Family Church Downtown in Florida undergoes full AVL retrofit with L-Acoustics system.

The Biggest Worship Tech Stories of 2015
By Andres Caamano · December 28, 2015 • Beyond all the new technology that was on hand at shows like NAB or at WFX in Nashville, there were plenty of other worship tech items to pay attention to through all of 2015.

Top Projector Product picks for Tomorrows Solutions
By TD Staff · November 11, 2015 • Front projection? Rear projection? How many lumens? High definition (HD) or standard definition screen resolutions?

Two California Churches Rely on Hitachi, Panasonic to Deliver Their Message
By Lauren Campbell · July 29, 2015 • In the sunny state of California, two worship spaces knew they needed to enhance the worship experience with the use of high-quality projectors during their service. From displaying important messages to hymnals, the projectors have brightened the service and made the congregants feel more connected and involved.

Top 6 Projectors for Worship Spaces
By Lauren Campbell · July 2, 2015 • There are all types of projectors that will cover your worship needs whether you have a smaller, traditional space or large, thousand-plus-seat venue. These 6 projectors will give you a better idea as to which one best suits you and your worship space.

For More than Lyrics: Environmental Projection at Asbury UMC
By Jim Kumorek · January 7, 2015 • Asbury UMC in Tulsa, OK houses the largest environmental projection installation in the United States. Learn more about this cutting edge technology and its applications for churches.

Danley Sub Rocks the New Student Building at Dogwood Church
By WTD Staff · December 15, 2014 • Dogwood Church worked with AST to create an environment that connects with youth on a visceral level.

High-Tech Atmosphere Offers A Different Way to Do Church
By Alison Istnick · December 1, 2014 • Discovery Church amped up the tech in their sanctuary renovation to draw in a crowd and create an exciting atmosphere.

Flexibility is Key for a Successful AVL Install
By TD Staff · August 13, 2014 • Tim Messina of Events United production service shares about adapting to challenges and setbacks in the AVL installation at Cape Cod Church.

TechDecisions Guide to 6 Game Changing, Affordable Multi-format Video Switchers
By Frederick J. Ampel · January 15, 2014 • This guide shows a selection of affordable multi-format video switchers with universal input capability and flexibility needed to handle just about every conceivable format, and also produce outputs to meet almost any display or projection device’s requirements, has become available for well under $10,000. In fact Roland's V40HD lists for $4,495. Each will help you make showing any presentation format possible and at a very low cost compared to even last year.

Using Tablets in Digital Signage
By Daniel P. Dern · October 17, 2013 • The tablet is gaining ground in digital signage. First came the iPad and not to long after came Android-based devices. The push, aside from convenience and flexibility, cost. A $500 tablet is far more attractive than a $3,000 display. Plus these tablets are technology that users can interact with immediately, because they are familiar. Whether the tablet use is for digital menus, point of sale, wayfinding or more customized use, the ground gained by these products is growing.

The Growth of Satellite Churches is Changing Their A/V Strategy
By Dan Daley · September 2, 2013 • The Mountain Springs Church plans on growing the number of satellite locations in the next few decades and it is already developing an A/V installation and upgrade policy. Most recently, the church purchased three DiGiCo SD series digital mix consoles and uses a Panasonic PTW6300 6000 ANSI projector at their two locations. They also use Black Magic Design video switchers and ProPresenter projection systems. Sight and Sound Technologies did both installations.

Panasonic SC-MAX650 Extra-Large Audio System Debuts at InfoComm
By TechDecisions · June 12, 2013 • Panasonic's SC-MAX650 Extra-Large Audio System is equipped with four-way floor-standing speakers and offers 2300 Watts of power.

Hillcrest Church Keeps Tech Knowhow on Staff
By Dan Daley · May 30, 2013 • For Hillcrest Church, which has 4,300 parishioners, hiring fulltime A/V staff members is necessary to accomplish its plans for growth. In the end as A/V systems evolved the church found it actually saved money because it wasn’t relying on and paying for contractors. Such additions include Panasonic PT-DW100U 10,000 lumen 4-lamp projectors, a 96-channel Avid Venue D-Show console, a Black Magic Design ATEM 2 M/E switcher and two Black Magic Design ATEM 1 M/E broadcast panels.

InfoComm 2013 Will Tackle Live Events Topics
By TD Staff · May 15, 2013 • The event will include best practices and hands-on learning next month.

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