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WorxAudio Technologies Helps Inspire Worshippers at Northeast Worship Institute 2014
First-rate speech intelligibility and excellent dispersion prove ideal.

Concert-Quality Sound Begins with a Technology Master Plan
Like many churches facing growth, Black Rock Congregational was tasked with having to deliver both traditional and contemporary services in the same facility.

What New Churches Need for Tech Success
Do it right the first time and avoid the "inventive" systems cobbled together by well-meaning folks.

Martin Audio MLA Mini Lifts Spirits At IDC Church
Inspirational Deliverance Center Chicago chose Martin Audio system for sanctuary sound.

Coeur d’Alene Church of the Nazarene Elevates Its Sound System
Coeur d'Alene Church of the Nazarene, Idaho, upgrades an outdated sound system with HARMAN's JBL loudpeakers and Soundcraft Digital Consoles.

Trinity Baptist Church, Ocala FL, Converts (A/D) with Symetrix
800-seat Florida church upgrades audio processing system so every seat gets a left-center-right experience.

Powerful Sound for a Powerful Message
Christ Chapel Bible Church chooses L-Acoustics line array speakers for its sanctuary sound system.

Stand Up and Be Heard: Choosing the Right Lectern
Don Roth of AmpliVox Sound Systems shows us how to choose the right lectern for our needs.

Inside 4 Critical Elements of an MNEC Solution
For any person involved in designing or procuring and effective mass notification emergency communication (MNEC) system, the following video tutorial is worth watching. Lencore, an audio, soundmasking and MNEC solutions manufacturer, taps into the fact that there remains a large learning curve when it comes to this all-too-critical category.

2014 TechDecisions Guide to 25 Choir Mics for Houses of Worship
With this list of choir mics, plainsongs and gospels can now sound flawless.

Guide to Low Cost, Surface Mount Loudspeakers for Worship - Plus Buying Tips
Download this free TechDecisions 2014 Product Guide to 50 Low Cost, Surface Mounted Loudspeakers for Houses of Worship. Buying and placement tips to self-powered or constant voltage transformer type speakers, matching acoustic coverage and performance to the specifications and data. These speakers provide on-board amplification, built in volume control and often a microphone input as well, making them a self-contained mini-PA system in a box. Check out products from Anchor Audio, Atlas Sound, Bose, Community, Electro-Voice, Extron, Innovox Audio, JBL Pro, Kramer, Lowell, OWI, Pragmatic Audio, QSC Audio, Quam, SnapAV, Soundtube, Speco Technologies, TOA, and Yamaha.

Take Charge of Latency in Your Audio
Audio engineers are often bedeviled by latency in the recording and reproduction chains. The latency demon pops up in live sound reinforcement when you’re trying to support a dispersed audience, discombobulates us in the broadcast world when lip movements don’t align and confuses us when we try to make a decent mobile phone call.

Most Impressive A/V Photos of Summer
Summer is easing into autumn and with that journey we take a look at the hottest A/V projects we saw. Blue Man Group, GE's massive video wall and the latest from the innovative Leon speakers are just some of the best efforts we saw.

Trial by Sound: Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church Demos Loudspeakers With an Audio Shoot Out
The notion of the technology shoot-out is deeply ingrained in audio culture. Retailers routinely set up rows of microphones or monitor speakers and let guests/customers/audiophiles compare one to one. But the idea of the shoot-out really has its limits tested when it’s applied to PA systems. When you need to truck multiple complex systems in, set them up and fire them up, you’ll need more than an afternoon and some onion dip to make that work.

TechDecisions Guide to 50 Cost-effective Surface Mount Loudspeakers for Churches
Affordable surface mounted loudspeakers between $75 and $300. Powerful and easy to use, these loudspeakers provide valuable features and will help you stay within budget. In your search for cost-effective equipment, remember to check the features and cost-effectiveness of the surface mount loudspeaker.

Breaking down applications in which investing in a short-throw or ultra-short-throw projectors pays dividends.